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Feb 16, 2018 · The telephone was invented in 1876, but it wasn’t until a century later that landlines reached a saturation point in households. For this to happen, massive amounts of infrastructure had to be built and network effects also needed to accumulate to make the product worthwhile for consumers..

Web. review some major highlights in the research and development of automatic speech recognition during the last few decades so as to provide a technological perspective and an appreciation of the fundamental progress that has been made in this important area of information and communication technology. Keywords. (Annals of the History of Computing 10(1988), 113-125) After surveying the current state of the literature in the history of computing, this paper discusses some of the major issues addressed by recent work in the history of technology. It suggests aspects of the development of computing which are pertinent.






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1.7 Conclusion. The technological developments during the last two decades have changed lives of individuals and the practice of (almost) every aspect of business. The changes tend to be accelerating and offering greater knowledge power to the elite and educated. Knowledge processing is implied and essential.